Cartecay Vineyards

Cartecay Vineyards, located in Ellijay, GA, is situated in the Eastern part of Gilmer County, in the Cartecay region. The region of Cartecay was named by the Cherokee and translates to “Bread Valley.”

Cartecay Vineyards was founded in 2007 when we purchased a Farm dating back to circa 1890. When we acquired the farm it had laid barren for many years, and had been reclaimed by Mother Nature. What once was a farm that grew corn and hay, as well as raised cattle, hogs and mules, was transformed with intensive planning and great care, into what it is today; A bustling vineyard full of life, events and music.

The Southern Appalachians in North Georgia are ideal for growing wine grapes. The elevation, the soil and the climate all combine to produce a unique Terroir that provides for the highest quality wine grapes and subsequently, fine wines.

Cartecay Vineyards has Western facing slopes, which allow for the vines to receive maximum sun exposure, elevations ranging from 1650 ft. to 1750 ft., sloping landscapes to help keep the vines’ “feet” dry and clay loam soils, which are conducive to growing grapes.

Cartecay Vineyards was planted in the Spring of 2008 with two varieties, Vidal Blanc and Merlot . We have since lost our Merlot vines to disease. Our current varietals include; Vidal Blanc, Traminette, Norton (Cynthiana), Catawba, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Chardonel, with more planned.

  • On-site vineyards
  • On-site winery
  • Tasting Room
  • Mountain Views
  • Live Music*

Tasting Barn

The Tasting Barn is a refurbished circa 1890s barn. It sits on the same site and has the same footprint as it did when it was first constructed. Much of the barn’s wood is original and many pieces have not been manipulated since they were first placed in 1890.

The Tasting Barn is trimmed in original barn wood and includes vanities made from the original barn wood, as well as many other original features. New additions to the Tasting Barn include a Black Walnut Bar, made from trees harvested off the farm, and Cherry wood handrails, also made from wood harvested off the farm.

The Tasting Barn features a tasting bar, a sitting area around a wood fire stove, a covered porch, a deck and an events room, which was originally a hay loft, that can seat up to 45 people.

The Chimney is a very unique and special feature on our vineyard, which is why we have chosen it for our logo. It is an original circa 1890s chimney. It sits on the same spot as it did when it was first constructed.

The Chimney Patio features the Chimney and a Covered Stage. The Chimney Patio is always open for use and a wonderful place to sit, relax and take in the ambiance of the vineyard. The Chimney Patio also boasts a Tasting Bar and in times of good weather, it is where scheduled live music is performed. The Chimney is functional and often has a fire burning to ease the chill of the season.

An Arched Bridge accents the field behind the Chimney Patio. It serves as a crossing over the babbling stream that separates the main vineyard block from the Facilities Area. It is a popular site for pictures and for relaxing by the stream.

Our Wines

Blue Cat
Crafted with South GA Blue Berries (Blue) & Cartecay Vineyards’ Catawba Grapes (Cat). This Delightfully Sweet Wine Displays Blue Berry Color & Aromas, while Highlighting Flavors of Both Blueberries and Grapes. Named for our Beloved Vineyard Dog, that passed too early.

Chimney Blush
This Wine is similar in style to Soft Pressed French Blushes with just a touch of sweetness. It has Floral aromas with tropical fruit flavors and displays a Pink Amber Color.

Chimney Noel
A seasonal nouveau Wine only available during the Holidays. A light drinking sweet, wine with flavors of Berries and Christmas.

Chimney White
We are proud to introduce the newest wine in the Cartecay Vineyards Family, Chimney White. It is a dry White Wine that Displays a Golden Straw Color with a Honeysuckle & Mineral Nose. The wine has a Silky Mouth Feel with Citrus & Floral Flavors. It is a blend of Vidal Blanc & Traminette.

Sassy Sisters
Named for our two daughters, both Sassy in their own right, who are depicted on the label. This is a Sweet Wine Crafted from our Catawba grapes. It has Aromas of Hard Candy and Jolly Rancher with a Silky Mouth Feel. Enjoy it as an ap�ritif or with spicy foods. Best Served Chilled.

Vidal Blanc
A Stainless Steel Fermented Wine that is a Dry, Crisp White Wine with Citrus and Floral Aromas. It displays Good minerality and has Grapefruit and Stone Flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon
A wine with Aromas of Almonds and Black Cherry that displays a Crimson Pomegranate Color. It has Subtle Fruit, with Notes of Plum and Sweet Shrub. This Wine has Good Tannins that are expressed on the Finish.

Chimney Delight
A Delightful, Dessert Style Wine Crafted from our Norton (Cynthiana) Grapes. It displays a Rich Plum Color and has Aromas of Dark Fruit and Brown Sugar. It has a Silky Mouth Feel with Notes of Chocolate and Almonds. This wine pairs with Cakes & Fruit Filled Pies.

Chimney Red
This is a Red Wine that is Crafted in the Beaujolais Style. It is an Easy Drinking, Off Dry, Medium Bodied Wine with a Distinctive Floral Nose and Ruby Red Color. This is a great table wine that will compliment many different types of food.

Law Man Red
A Big Red Wine full of Complex Flavors and Tannins. Crafted from Oaked Norton & Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine Displays Rich Earthen Flavors with Deep Plum Colors. Named to Highlight our Farm Land’s colorful history of alcohol production.

This Unique Varietal Wine has is stylistically Similar to a Sweet Riesling. It has a wonderful Rose Petal Nose, a Silky Body and boasts Wild Flower and Honey Flavors. It displays a Light Golden Color.

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