Fainting Goat Vineyards

​Fainting Goat Vineyard, located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is owned and operated by Dave and Robin Higginbotham.  From conception to crush, our grapes are gently cared for and our wines are handcrafted. Taking a minimalist approach, we specialize in producing small lots of high quality wine. Our focus is to produce the best possible fruit to work with.

Our appreciation for the Earth started back in Ohio while owning a self-sustaining farm. Handpicked fruits and vegetables fed not only our family but also the animals that lived off of our soil. Fond memories from our Ohio farm paved the path for us to venture into the vineyard business.

Family is near and dear to our hearts; which is why we ventured into a business that allows us to work together while doing something we love. Our family owned vineyard and winery welcomes you to experience our handcrafted wines and the convivial conversation of our family.

  • On-site vineyards
  • On-site winery
  • Tasting Room
  • Mountain Views
  • Live Music*
  • Vineyard Picknic


​Our hand crafted wines are curated and made on premise by our winemaker, McKenzie. Majoring in Bio Chemistry from Loyola University Chicago, she then went on to study Enology (the study of wines) from Texas Tech. Being one of the only female winemakers in Georgia, she is also one of the only formally educated winemakers in Georgia. McKenzie is a certified supertaster. 

Mastering the harmony of preserving the wines’ glorious fruit notes balanced against aging techniques such as oak or stainless, McKenzie’s approach to winemaking showcases her appreciation for the wine’s natural properties and upholding strict vineyard policies. Working only with the best fruit grown from certified vineyards following rigorous viticulture programs, Fainting Goat Vineyards is dedicated to bringing quality wines to our region. Taste her new world approach to winemaking while paying homage to our beautiful state of Georgia. 

Wine List

Sweet White; Anthem (Muscadine). A true Southern wine, this Muscadine grape makes a perfect sweet white wine. Delicate on the nose, with a smooth, round, fruity finish.

Harvesting Homes
HARVESTING HOMES (Malbec) Notes of red plum are balanced with hints of cocoa. Medium tannins, low acid. Aged in French Oak for 5 years. 10% of proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.

Jackie O
Sweet White; Jackie O (Muscat). This Moscato wine offers sweet honeysuckle on the nose and tropical fruit notes of orange blossom on the palate. It is both refined and round.

Dry Red; Patriot (Lenoir) This regional grape is a rich, weighty red. It is bone dry and offers hints of leather and tobacco. GOLD MEDAL WINNER!

Dry White; Revere (Blanc du Bois). This dry Blanc du Bois is floral and smooth. It is perfectly balanced and delicate.

Something Blue
Fruit; Something Blue (Blueberry). This sweet wine offers a stunning nose with notes of blueberry both on the nose and palate.

Sweet Red; Tribute (Muscadine) Its deep red hue speaks volumes for the flavors it boasts. Dark berry notes explode as the smooth finish of the Noble grape lingers.

Sweet Red; Valor (Doreen/Noble) A delicate balance of floral and fruit, this is a light body, off dry Rose. It boasts delicate fruit notes with a hint of strawberry.

Erie Bound
ERIE BOUND (Estate Merlot) Deep raspberry notes are surrounded by the gorgeous phenolics of the oak combination of 25% French Oak and 75% Hungarian Oak. Harvested on September 16, 2019 and pressed on October 5, 2019.

Fruit; Impeachment (Peach). This sweet wine offers a fruity nose with notes of peach and summer fruits on the palate. GOLD MEDAL WINNER!

Sweet White; Liberty (Blanc du Bois) This medium body, regional wine has a stunning floral nose. Being off dry, this wine offers delicate notes of golden apples and honey. SILVER MEDAL WINNER!

2019 Propeller
PROPELLER 2019 (Estate Petit Verdot) This stunning grape is the hallmark of Fainting Goat’s property. The deep hue is only matched by the intensity of the dark cherry notes. The acidity and tannins are evenly balanced by the 100% French Oak. Harvested on September 15, 2019 and pressed on October 5, 2019.

Sensible Sister
SENSIBLE SISTER (American Red Wine) Dry red with high fruit, mid oak and no sweet

The Romantics
THE ROMANTICS 2018 (Estate Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot) Sweet blackberry notes are swirled around rich mocha notes. A wine meant to celebrate true love, its namesake comes from the sweet 50 year relationship of Dave & Robin, two owners of Fainting Goat. This beautiful blend was aged in 75% French Oak.

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