What a View!

For years, Chris and I have rented weekend cabins up in North Georgia every chance we could. We loved to escape to the tranquility of the mountains and visit the wineries and explore the antique shops. Chris also loves to trail run while I prefer to stay comfy in the cabin. The mountains have always felt like home to us, but full time jobs kept us in other locations. 

On those weekend trips, the drive up through Atlanta was always nerve-racking with the crazy traffic, but the turning point on every drive was that first glimpse of the mountains! Once we cleared the northern suburbs of Atlanta and saw that gorgeous horizon, the stress melted away! 

There is just something so peaceful about seeing the rugged landscape that is so different from the flat land and endless asphalt of where we had been living. It truly is a reminder of nature’s beauty! 

Fast forward to the recent June day when we closed on our very own cabin in Ellijay…it was our dream come true! Now we get to see those gorgeous views…Every. Single. Day. As we’ve traveled around Ellijay, I’ve been amazed at the scenery in some unexpected places. 

We were visiting the local hotels to leave our cards and fliers for North Georgia Wine Trips. I put in the address of the Best Western. When we arrived, the driveway was intimidating with its steepness. Once at the top though, the panoramic view was incredible! Even the hot summer temperature didn’t keep me from snapping pictures from up there. 

That same day I mapped the route to the Ellijay cemetery since I had read about the awesome views from there. It did not disappoint either. The family gravestones were also interesting to read. I know there is some rich history in Gilmer County I can’t wait to learn about.  

I say all of this to show how grateful Chris and I are to be living in this beautiful landscape! The mountains are definitely our home now and we could not be happier! 

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